This concept idea for a camera was developed by product designer/mechanical engineer Mimi Zou. The camera works using biometric technology and interacting with human behaviour. For example, if you narrow or widen your eye, the lens will copy; when you blink a picture is taken. The concept also instantly tags people in the photographs which can then be transferred to files via wi-fi, or copied to an SD card. Pretty clever stuff.


Target Campaign.


Absolutely love the new Target Summer Campaign, art directed by Allan Peters (the blog I found this on). I think just by using the colours and the typeface they have portrayed a massive sense of summer, and a very feel good vibe. The overloaded trolleys create quite a comical effect too, again light hearted but gets the point across very simply and easily.

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John Peel Record Archive.

The Arts Council & BBC have teamed up to bring us The Space (a new free digital arts service ). One of the launches that comes from this is the John Peel Record Archive which contains (or will contain once finished) an extensive collection of albums featured on the John Peel show. The site allows you to view the original album artwork, the tracklist and even listen to the album itself. Listening to Peel Sessions, viewing photographs and watching videos are also all part of the site. Wonderfully designed and a timeless piece.

More 4 Rebrand.

More4 brand identity design

Man vs Machine have recently rebranded the More 4 channel, giving it an even more versatile logo than previously, echoing it’s diverse selection of programmes. By using this ‘flipper’ technique, the brand can easily be adapted to anything, as shown after the jump. Definitely love this more colourful branding in comparison to the last. One negative thing I would say is that the ‘E’ feel left on it’s own and should probably have been considered more.

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