Really nice use of a stamp for the Well Hung Meat Company. I really love the style of illustration thats teamed with the stamps too. Via Form Fifity Five


New Twitter Bird.


The update of the new Twitter bird-‘Larry’ comes as both good and bad news to people. The loss of the ‘goofiness’ has meant loss of character for some viewers. Personally I think the new one is much nicer and lighter, therefore allowing it to sit quite easily upon different applications. I can also see that this is the reason why some tweeters dislike the update, as it is clean like a lot of marks nowadays. The new logo is  made up of three overlapping circles to show networking and connections. Would love to hear your thoughts on the update.

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One of my favourite fonts is Bodoni which means I have exceptional love for this decorative twist on the typeface. Created by Jonny Holmes, Paul Oakley and Nigel Bents who are all studying at Chelsea College of Art & Design. The process started off as a digital Illustrator design, later letterpressed and printed.

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Handmade Type.


This handmade type was created by Tien-Min Liao, who created the different letterforms by drawing the shapes in ink on her hand. The project was done to study the relationship between lowercase and uppercase letters: when making the transformation from uppercase to lowercase (vice versa) Liao would only use her hands to change the letterform, not the ink shape. See all of the amazing alphabet after the jump.

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