This concept idea for a camera was developed by product designer/mechanical engineer Mimi Zou. The camera works using biometric technology and interacting with human behaviour. For example, if you narrow or widen your eye, the lens will copy; when you blink a picture is taken. The concept also instantly tags people in the photographs which can then be transferred to files via wi-fi, or copied to an SD card. Pretty clever stuff.


Melvin the (miniature) Machine.


After the massive success of HeyHeyHey‘s first Melvin, people from all over the world requested that they could see it, the only solution: a travelling Melvin (that ‘sends’ postcards). I absolutely adore the different scale of the Melvins, especially the ‘pocket size’ version-it makes the machine feel all the more precious. Wonderful.


Branding project for The National. A collaboration from Papercut and Love & War. Looking at it, I wouldn’t straight away think it was for a restaurant, but when applied to the correct format (as seen after the jump), it’s a wonderful piece of design, certainly cathces the eye. I love the abbreviation of ‘National’ too, very flexible.

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