Neal Fletcher.


Now you’ve probably all heard of him by now, but I still think you should take a look at Neal Fletcher’s work & website. The recent graduate from UCLan (Preston, UK)  has had appearances in Creative Review, Form Fifty Five  & Whitezine amongst others. His recent typeface ‘Bowen’ is a massive hit in the creative world is every type nerds dream. You can download the typeface amongst most of his others at


Air India Rebrand.

Brief: To rebrand an international airline.

When starting this brief, I wanted to show a connection between flight and birds but without being too obvious, I decided to use a hamsa bird as the outline for the logo. The hamsa bird holds many religious connotations as well as meaning balance, perfect union and life. Once I had decided on this shape I filled it with Indian patterns made up of objects relating to airlines (tickets, baggage, turbines etc).

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One of my favourite fonts is Bodoni which means I have exceptional love for this decorative twist on the typeface. Created by Jonny Holmes, Paul Oakley and Nigel Bents who are all studying at Chelsea College of Art & Design. The process started off as a digital Illustrator design, later letterpressed and printed.

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