Fat or Fiction?

What a lovely interactive website designed by Anna Brooks, Christina Winkless and David Paul Rosser. The photography together with the interaction of this site could keep me entertained for a good while!  


New Twitter Bird.


The update of the new Twitter bird-‘Larry’ comes as both good and bad news to people. The loss of the ‘goofiness’ has meant loss of character for some viewers. Personally I think the new one is much nicer and lighter, therefore allowing it to sit quite easily upon different applications. I can also see that this is the reason why some tweeters dislike the update, as it is clean like a lot of marks nowadays. The new logo is  made up of three overlapping circles to show networking and connections. Would love to hear your thoughts on the update.

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John Peel Record Archive.

The Arts Council & BBC have teamed up to bring us The Space (a new free digital arts service ). One of the launches that comes from this is the John Peel Record Archive which contains (or will contain once finished) an extensive collection of albums featured on the John Peel show. The site allows you to view the original album artwork, the tracklist and even listen to the album itself. Listening to Peel Sessions, viewing photographs and watching videos are also all part of the site. Wonderfully designed and a timeless piece.

Air India Rebrand.

Brief: To rebrand an international airline.

When starting this brief, I wanted to show a connection between flight and birds but without being too obvious, I decided to use a hamsa bird as the outline for the logo. The hamsa bird holds many religious connotations as well as meaning balance, perfect union and life. Once I had decided on this shape I filled it with Indian patterns made up of objects relating to airlines (tickets, baggage, turbines etc).

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